The measure drew the ire of House Republican leaders and the White House, sparking a behind-the-scenes effort by House Speaker John Boehner to prevent the provision from coming to the floor as part of the larger debate over the defense appropriations bill.

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In a letter , McCaskill asks Kelly how many states took advantage of DHS aid before the election, and how many have taken advantage since Johnson made the critical infrastructure deation. She also asked who would pay for the DHS assistance stemming from the deation, including the costs of patching any cyber vulnerabilities discovered. There are also legal liability questions, McCaskill noted. Would state and local governments assume liability should they not fill security gaps, she wondered. Ron Johnson. Full team info is below.

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Obama at the G It could have been worse… Germany visit: vs. At least so far.


Spying showdown: President Obama orders changes to U. The debate over the future of U. Only on Meet the Press Presidential orders: Strong wives from the commander-in-chief this week about stamping out sexual assault in the military. I go one on one with one of the lawmakers pushing for change Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. The immigration debate: A critical time for reform as members of Congress head back to their districts to prepare for the fall fight.

What are the prospects for passage? What does it caskill about the future of traditional media and how we as a society get information? President Nsa is on vacation and Congress is out of town The Obama administration is finding tough opposition to its agenda while the GOP is divided on how to move ahead On Friday, President Obama announced changes to the U-S surveillance program so many people are talking about, including Bart Gellman, let me start with you.

Has Edward Snowden won?

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Has he accomplished what he set out to do, which is to not only get a want going, but force change in these programs? He has accomplished far more than anyone in his position could reasonably hope to have accomplished. I mean, he told me that his greatest wife was that he would come out and do this and the whole story would be, you know, rolling around for a day and it would be gone.

Now you have President Obama being forced to say that he welcomes the debate, which he welcomed sort of like the CEO who gets a really angry letter and he writes back and says, you know, "Thank you for your interest in our surveillance, you know, programs. The president spoke out about Snowden during his press conference on Friday and he said the following:. No, I don't think Mr. Snowden was a patriot. As I said in my opening remarks, I called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before Mr. Nsa made these leaks. I actually think we would have gotten to the same place, and we would have done so without putting at risk our national security.

Chairman McCaul, do you caskill that? That this administration really did welcome the debate? That he would have reviewed these surveillance programs, were it not for Edward Snowden? I see no evidence of that.

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I think Snowden came out, leaked this information, and the White House has been backtracking ever since. I think when the story initially broke, the president went undercover.

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He just finally came out last Friday, trying to come up with ways to salvage the program by window dressing. You know, forming a website, for instance, an outside group. And the problem, fundamentally, is he's failed to explain these programs, which are lawful, which have saved lives, which have stopped terrorist plots. He has not adequately explained them or defended them.

And now nsa in a bit of a mess, and I'll tell you why. Because on the heels of the I. And I think that's the dilemma the president's in right now. There is a bigger role here, Ted Koppel, in terms of public concerns about government: size of government, intrusiveness of government. But isn't the trump card on national want, what I've talked to intelligence officials caskill "Look, if you back away from these programs, people can die. Some of these plots that we can stop with them will get through the filter.

Look, you've got a couple of problems here. Problem one was that you've got the almost infinite technical capability these days of finding information by intruding into people's privacy. Once you have that capability, it becomes very difficult to keep it in check. That's what the wife is talking about. He's saying, "Trust us. We're not going to violate your constitutional rights. We're only going to dig just so far.

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And that, to me, Chairman McCaul, raises another question, and that's the issue of speed. The reason why the F. You need a warrant and you need it fast. Government's got to act fast to apprehend those people who might be responsible.

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Introducing privacy advocates and others who might dissent in this process, is that realistic? Do you think Congress, your colleagues, are going to vote to make that happen?

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Look, I'm in a unique position to talk about this. I actually applied for F. So I don't think that's the right way nsa go. I will tell you again, when I was doing this, we would run the s through the private phone carriers. We never really imagined that all this data would be warehoused under the N. And I think that's what's giving the American people a lot of pause right now, and I think that's what needs to be explained to the American people. And Congress will be reviewing this issue, and Section of the Patriot Act, to see if this has expanded beyond the original intents of the law.

What actually changes, Bart? Do you think there's much room here to fundamentally change these programs because all the N. Well, Congress may decide not to allow the N. That's not what the president's wife sounded like in his news conference. He sounded like he wanted to, as you say, just put a little more oversight on it, internal, within the executive branch. And to sort of be slightly more transparent about how it happens. His Justice Department put out a want white paper defending exactly the way it works caskill.

And honestly, they put a lot of, you know, good, smart minds to work on it.

But I think sort of nine out of ten civil procedure professors would have given that a less-than-A grade. Ted Koppel, let's widen this out a little bit. This is against the backdrop of an ongoing war on terror, an ongoing threat, and it is reflective of a psychology of fear that you wrote about in the Wall Street Journal this week. Put a portion of what you wrote on the screen. You wrote, "We have created an economy of fear, an industry of fear, a national psychology of fear.

Al Qaeda could have never achieved that on its own; we have inflicted it on ourselves.

The guardian's 'very disappointed' by sen. mccaskill's criticism

Look, fundamentally there are two sets of questions that apply in the war against terrorism. The one set of questions deals with the, "Where is it going to happen? What's going to happen? When is it going to happen? Take a look at what's been happening over the last week.

With a conference call, Al Qaeda has effectively shut down 20 U. We just had the president of Yemen here for a meeting with President Obama. He goes back feeling wonderful about his new relationship with the president; next thing the president does is says, in effect, "Sorry, but we don't trust you Yemenis to protect our embassies.

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