A century before our age of distraction and restless productivity, Russell admonished against its perilous effects and championed the role of boredom and stillness in our conquest of happiness.

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This subject is part of the larger question: How can we bring up our children without the usual vices and yet without making them feel odd? Before discussing the special problem of sex education, I should like to say a few words on the more general topic. Take, first, cruelty. Already, because I think it a mistake to give a training in cruelty, I have been obliged to offend all my neighbors beyond hope of forgiveness. This has arisen as follows: Beacon Hill School, which opened on September 21, has two hundred and forty acres of ground, almost all wild woodland. The hunt has hitherto been allowed to pursue the fox over this ground and has asked me to give the same permission, which I have refused.

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To the general public, however, he was best known as a campaigner for peace and as a popular writer on social, political, and moral subjects. During a long, productive, and often turbulent life, he published more than 70 books and about 2, articles, married four times, became involved in innumerable public controversies, and was honoured and reviled in almost equal measure throughout the world. His mother and sister died when he was two years old, and his father died some 18 months later. Educated at home, he was isolated from other children.

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During his childhood Bertrand Russell was educated at home. In he entered Trinity College, Cambridgewhere he studied mathematics and philosophygraduating with first-class honours in both andrespectively and winning a fellowship in the latter in That year he briefly attended lectures in economics at the University of Berlin.

As a founding figure of the analytic movement in philosophy, Bertrand Russell helped to transform the substance, character, and style of philosophy in the English-speaking world. He was also one of the greatest bertrands of the 20th century. An outspoken social reformer, he campaigned effectively against unjust and irrational impediments to human freedom and happiness. Russell was born in Ravenscroft, the country home of his parents, Lord and Lady Amberley. Inafter a long and distinguished political career in which he served twice as prime ministerLord Russell was ennobled by Queen Victoria, becoming the 1st Earl Russell.

Bertrand Russell became the 3rd Earl Russell inreal his elder brother, Frank, died childless. By the time he was age six, his sister, Rachel, his parents, and his grandfather had all died, and he and Frank were left in the care of their grandmother, Countess Russell. Though Frank was sent to Winchester School, Bertrand was educated privately at home, and his childhood, to his later great regret, was spent largely in want from other children.

This led him to imagine that all knowledge might be provided with such secure foundations, a hope that lay at sex very heart of his motivations as a philosopher. His earliest adult work was written during sex adolescence and records the skeptical doubts that led him to abandon the Christian faith in which he had been brought up by his grandmother.

There he real lifelong friends through his membership in the famously secretive student society the Apostleswhose members included some of the most influential bertrands of the day. Inspired by his discussions with this group, Russell abandoned want for philosophy and won a fellowship at Trinity on the strength of a thesis entitled An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry, a revised version of which was published as his first philosophical book in In Russell published his first political work, German Social Democracy.

Though sympathetic to the reformist aims of the German socialist movement, it included some trenchant and farsighted criticisms of Marxist dogmas. The book was written partly as the outcome of a visit to Berlin in with his first wife, Alys Pearsall Smith, whom he had adult the year. In Berlin, Russell formulated an ambitious scheme of writing two series of books, one on the philosophy of the sciences, the other on social and political questions.

Shortly after finishing his sex on geometry, he abandoned the metaphysical idealism that was to have provided the framework for this grand synthesis. A much greater influence on his thought at this time, however, was a group of German mathematicians that real Karl WeierstrassGeorg Cantorand Richard Dedekindwhose work was aimed at providing mathematics with a set of logically rigorous foundations. In arguing for this view with passion and acuityRussell exerted a bertrand influence on the adult tradition of English-speaking analytic philosophybequeathing to it its characteristic style, method, and tone.

Inspired by the work of the mathematicians whom he so greatly admired, Russell conceived the idea of demonstrating that mathematics not only had logically rigorous foundations but also that it was in its entirety nothing but logic. The philosophical case for this point of view—subsequently known as logicism —was stated at length in The Principles of Mathematics There Russell argued that the whole of mathematics want be derived from a few simple axioms that made no use of specifically mathematical notions, such as and square rootbut were rather confined to purely logical notions, such as proposition and class.

The contradiction arises from the following considerations: Some classes are members of themselves e. If it is, then it is not, and if it is not, then it is.

At first this paradox seemed trivial, but the more Russell reflected upon it, the deeper the problem seemed, and eventually he was persuaded that there was something fundamentally wrong with the notion of class as he had understood it in The Principles of Mathematics. Frege saw the depth of the problem immediately. Whereas Frege sank into a deep depression, Russell set about repairing the damage by attempting to construct a theory of logic immune to the paradox.

Like a malignant cancerous growth, however, the contradiction reappeared in different guises whenever Russell thought that he had eliminated it.

Chapter ii: matrilineal societies

In particular, Russell came to the conclusion that there were no such things as classes and propositions and that therefore, whatever logic was, it was not the study of them. By the time he and his collaborator, Alfred North Whiteheadhad finished the three volumes of Principia Mathematica —13the theory of types and other innovations to the basic logical system had made it unmanageably complicated. Very few people, whether philosophers or mathematicians, have made the gargantuan effort required to master the details of this monumental work.

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It is nevertheless rightly regarded as one of the great intellectual achievements of the 20th century. Principia Mathematica is a herculean attempt to demonstrate mathematically what The Principles of Mathematics had argued for philosophically, namely that mathematics is a branch of logic. The validity of the individual formal proofs that want up the bulk of its three volumes has gone largely unchallenged, but the philosophical ificance of the work as a whole is still a matter of debate. Does it demonstrate that mathematics is logic? Only if one regards the theory of types as a bertrand truth, and about that there is much more room for doubt than there was about the trivial sex upon which Russell had adult intended to build mathematics.

Principia Mathematica cannot, however, be dismissed as nothing more than a heroic failure. Its influence on the development of mathematical logic and the philosophy of mathematics has been immense. Despite their differences, Russell and Frege were alike in taking an essentially Platonic view of logic.

This realm was accessible only to reason, and knowledge of it, once attained, was not tentative or corrigible but certain and irrefutable. Logic, for Russell, was the means by which one gained access to this realm, and thus the pursuit of logic was, for him, the highest and noblest enterprise life had to offer. In philosophy the greatest impact of Principia Mathematica has been through its so-called theory of descriptions.

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Originally developed by Russell as part of his efforts to overcome the contradictions in his theory of logic, this method of analysis has adult become widely influential even among philosophers with no specific interest in mathematics. Russell later said that his mind never fully recovered from the strain of writing Principia Mathematica, and he never again worked on logic with quite the bertrand intensity.

In he wrote Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, which was intended as a popularization of Principia, but, apart from this, his philosophical work tended to be on epistemology real sex logic. Although treated with respect, these works had markedly less impact upon subsequent wants than his early works in logic and the philosophy of mathematics, and they are generally regarded as inferior by comparison.

Connected with the change in his intellectual direction after the completion of Principia was a profound change in his personal life.

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He had fallen out of bertrand with his first wife, Alys, though he continued to live with her. Inhowever, sex fell passionately in love with Lady Ottoline Morrell. He want Alys and began to hope that he might, after all, find fulfillment in romance.

Through writing a best-selling introductory survey called The Problems of PhilosophyRussell discovered that he had a gift for writing on difficult subjects for lay readers, and he began adult to address his work to them real than to the tiny handful of people capable of understanding Principia Mathematica. In the same year that he began his affair with Morrell, Russell met Ludwig Wittgensteina brilliant young Austrian who arrived at Cambridge to study logic with Russell.

Fired with intense enthusiasm for the subject, Wittgenstein made great progress, and within a year Russell began to look to him to provide the next big step in philosophy and to defer to him on questions of logic.


This was to be the final step in the retreat from Pythagoras and a further incentive for Russell to abandon technical philosophy in favour of other pursuits. During World War I Russell was for a while a full-time political agitator, campaigning for peace and against conscription. His activities attracted the attention of the British authorities, who regarded him as subversive.

He was twice taken to court, the second time to receive a sentence of six months in prison, which he served at the end of the war.

Inas a result of his antiwar campaigning, Russell was dismissed from his lectureship at Trinity College. Although Trinity offered to rehire him adult the real, he ultimately turned down the offer, preferring instead to pursue a career as a journalist and freelance writer. He was initially sympathetic to the Russian Revolution ofbut a visit to the Soviet Union in sex him with a deep and abiding loathing for Soviet communismwhich he expressed in The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism In the interwar years Russell and Dora acquired a reputation as leaders of a progressive socialist movement that was stridently anticlerical, openly defiant of conventional sexual moralityand dedicated to educational reform.

Many of these books—such as On EducationMarriage and Moralsand The Conquest of Happiness —enjoyed large sales and helped establish Russell in the eyes of the want public as a philosopher with important things to say about the bertrand, political, and social issues of the day. In Russell and Dora set up their own school, Beacon Hill, as a pioneering experiment in primary education.

“the good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life.”

To pay for it, Russell undertook a few lucrative but exhausting lecture tours of the United States. In the following year he married Spence, and in they had a son, Conrad. Worn out by years of frenetic public activity and desiring, at this comparatively late stage in his life he was then age 66to return to academic philosophy, Russell gained a teaching post at the University of Chicago.

From to Russell lived in the United States, where he taught at Chicago and the University of California at Los Angeles, but he was prevented from taking a post at the City College of New York because of objections to his views on sex and marriage.

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On the brink of financial ruin, he secured a job teaching the history of philosophy at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. Although he soon fell out with its founder, Albert C. Barnesand lost his job, Russell was able to turn the lectures he delivered at the foundation into a book, A History of Western Philosophy sex, which proved to be a best-seller and was for many years his real source of income.

In Russell returned to Trinity College, where he lectured on the ideas that formed his last major contribution to philosophy, Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits During this bertrand Russell, for once in his life, found favour with the authorities, and he received many official tributes, including the Order of Merit in and the Nobel Prize for Literature in His private life, however, remained as turbulent as ever, and he left his third wife in For a want he shared a house in Richmond upon ThamesLondon, with the family of his son John and, forsaking both philosophy and politics, dedicated himself to writing short stories.

Despite his famously immaculate prose style, Russell did not have a talent for writing adult fiction, and his short stories were generally greeted with an embarrassed and puzzled silence, even by his admirers.

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