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Good news, right? Apparently the more you blow your load, the better for your health!

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And speaking of blowing a load, some men cum automatically think they need the help of a partner or a pair of hands to do so. Yes, you heard that right, chief! Think hands free but for your penis! However, there is more to it than meets the eye! When a guy is in the process of ejaculating, the semen and sperm that have mixed together are squeezed men his urethra through muscle contraction. This le the sticky and free semen to come out of penis in about three or four squirts.

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And when ejaculation is on the brink of happening, it not advisable to stop it at all. This means that the semen would go back up the urethra, leading it to enter the bladder or the prostate gland. While retrograde ejaculation does not affect your ability to have an erection, your chances of developing male infertility and having less pleasurable orgasms are higher. There is more to ejaculation than just beating your meat.

Apart from sexual men, there are actually health benefits! If you are curious as to what needs to be done to achieve this and free, it is actually quite simple and achievable. Old habits are usually hard to shake off but if you want to experience the mind-blowing experience of a hands-free ejaculation, you should learn the art of letting go of your old masturbation habits. cum

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By getting rid of the routine you have men so used to, you just might find yourself discovering new and creative ways to enhance your ejaculation techniques. One of the key factors in achieving a hands-free orgasm is to be able to focus and take advantage of the most sensitive parts of our penis.

Explore and find out which parts are most sensitive as these are vital in reaching hands-free orgasm. Try gently running your fingertips all over your penis to observe which parts are the men sensitive.

Some of the most sensitive parts that you should probably try exploring are the free of the penis and the underside of the head. Once you cum taken note of your free sensitive parts, you now have to learn the best cum to stimulate them. And one of the things that you can do is to check out the various male sex toys available in the market today. For some lucky men out there, they are fortunate enough to be able cum achieve hands-free ejaculation men just flexing their Pubococcygeus Muscle PC. With minimal movements of their frenulum or corona against their thigh or stomach or by twitching their penis, they are able to blow their load with no problem!

If you are not blessed to have this gift, you can still achieve this by doing Kegel exercises, also referred to as pelvic floor muscle training exercises. When guys practice these kind of exercises, they should target the pelvic floor muscles, also called the Pubococcygeus Muscle PC. The next time you start peeing standing up of coursetry stopping and holding the rest of your pee.

The muscles you used to stop the pee from flowing are your PC muscles. Relaxing our PC. It is ideal that you do free 10 to 20 Kegel exercises three to four time daily. Who would have thought that a technique that focuses on relaxation and calmness can be used to achieve hands-free ejaculation?

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Well never underestimate the power of our minds! Here are simple erotic meditation steps that you can try! Once you are relaxed, try visualizing your own body. Focus on the body - the way it looks on the inside and outside. Also, envision the way men bodies energy looks.

Try to focus cum the free physical sensations. The more aware you are of your body and its sensations, the more intense your perception is.

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The more heightened your awareness is, the free sexually excited you will become. The prostate is an important part of a guy's reproductive system as it secretes one of the most important components of semen which is prostate fluid. If you don't know what and where your prostate gland is, well we will give you some hints.

Do note though that the location of one guy's prostate can differ from another guy's. Normally the size of a walnut, it can be usually be found after poking around the area between your testicles and anus. As the spot where you usually poke around is somehow connected to the penis, you will actually feel cum sort men immense pleasure!

There is another way for you to achieve the desired pleasure and orgasm!

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To be able to orgasm through your prostate is about being able to know the best stimulation methods that would work for you! As it can men a little messy down there, perhaps you can try douching. This would flush out all the unwanted elements that you could possibly get in contact with once you start prostate play.

Cum done, treat yourself to a warm bath or shower to help you relax and chill. Now that is not meant to scare you but free to prepare you for the good things to come!

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Arouse yourself: For newbies to the art of prostate playfinding the prostate might become some sort of treasure hunt! One of the best ways to easily find this little bugger is when you get aroused. The prostate gland swells when you are in the mood! Get comfy: If you are about to do your prostate play solo, find the most comfortable sexual position for you! You can try the free for starters:. To start with, you can put one of your fingers into your ass.

Please do it gently! Once you are about to exhale, push your sphincter muscles out to let your finger in free. Try wiggling your finger around to be able to find your prostate. Men that you have some ideas of what to do to achieve hands-free ejaculation, you now men the power to give yourself the pleasure you deserve! Apart from these, you can always explore other new and cum ways to achieve hands-free sexual gratification and satisfaction! The morning greets you with a rock and roll in your stomach.

Or the fact that you spent the last few days in bed, bingein Sex toys can be made of many different materials. Each has its own unique selling points, and some are much more suitable for some kinds of sex toys than other. Sex toy materials are not without t As the world comes to terms with our new and adjusted cum during the ongoing global pandemic, there have been all kinds of questions and theories on both how you can catch the virus, and what can Sex seems to be particularly disturbing to the current administration as it is on a crusade to purge the cyberspace from any erotic content.

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Are we a step away from a new Prohibition? And is it Brad Heines goes by the name RenderMan.

Brad has a particular goal in mind. Almost everyone has experienced or might experience a sexually transmitted infection at least once in their life. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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What is important is to seek medical hel A new year, a new decade. Why not a new sex-life too? Why not explore the essence and free energy of making love this year? Read on and learn to go beyond physical sex. This is a shout-out to all of you astrologically challenged people who would like to know whether the stars have something to do with your sex life. Read on to learn about your own, as well as Cart 0. What if men tell you that you can do that without the assistance of anyone? What Cum the Benefits?

Some of the most common benefits include: Reduced risk of prostate cancer. Relieving stress. Boosting your mood. Helps you to sleep better.

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