California Yellowtail

Seriola lalandi
Maine Hiramasa

Maine Hiramasa®

California yellowtail (YT), a member of the Amberjack family, is a robust fish of the Pacific Ocean, found in sub-tropical waters from British Columbia to Australia. In the past, YT were common in the waters around California and Mexico but have been overfished by commercial ships. This delicately flavored fish is highly valued for its use in sushi and sashimi, but smaller fish are also well suited for broiling and grilling due to a thin, tender skin. The Japanese name for YT is Hiramasa and it compares very favorably to the more common Hamachi. Because of strong market demand, Acadia Harvest Inc.® is now growing YT in Maine using land-based aquaculture technology. Introductory numbers of fish are now at market size and available for purchase through our distributors.

Maine Hiramasa® Yellowtail

Fresh Yellowtail On Ice
California Yellowtail ready for market.
Juvenile Yellowtail Feeding Tank
clear eyed yellowtail
Ultra Fresh, Clear-Eyed Yellowtail.
Quick Facts
  • Spawned from mature brood stock fish in mid-2014, juveniles were transferred for grow-out at 2-gram size to Acadia Harvest’s pilot plant facility.
  • Located at the University of Maine Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research (CCAR). This cutting-edge facility is adjacent to Taunton Bay in Franklin, ME.
  • The fish are raised indoors at a constant temperature in a closed-containment or Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and fed Zeigler’s (Marine Grower YT) commercial fish feed or other USDA-prepared feeds selected to meet their nutritional needs.
  • The fish are raised in a secure environment, free from predation, with a lower risk of disease or infection. No antibiotics or growth hormones were administered to these fish and they have shown no signs of disease or parasites at the time of harvest.
  • The fish will be purged for at least 24 hours prior to harvest (to clear the gut) and packed into ice cold seawater with CO2 for stunning and rapid core chilling. This is the most humane harvest method for warm water species such as YT.
  • We will strive to deliver to you within 24 - 48 hours of harvest with ice or gel packs.
  • Hatched and raised in Maine.