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Acadia Harvest Inc.® addresses a pending catastrophe by sustainably producing marine species in a land-based environment, perfecting novel technologies in recirculating aquaculture systems.

Acadia Harvest® (AHI) is focused on selling premium marine seafood in a sustainable manner, helping to feed the world's growing population while easing the demand for wild harvests in our oceans. Acadia Harvest Inc.® was formed in early 2011 to develop a land-based, indoor marine fish farm, leveraging novel technologies to enhance Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). To date, we have been successful in winning a series of grants totaling more than $2.5 million that have allowed us to advance our technologies, while growing fish for market sales.

Market Demand

Ocean harvests have been essentially flat for the last 40 years, and experts forecast that native fisheries will not be able to supply substantially more volume as world population continues to grow.The world is already challenged to produce enough protein for its rapidly increasing population, and over the next 35 years, things will become significantly more difficult as we approach 10 billion people on Earth.

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World Population Projection

Open Imagination

Fish Production Projection


Aquaculture is the most efficient method for growing nutritious protein, surpassing poultry, swine and beef. Because seafood is tasty and healthy, global consumption is increasing at a rate above population growth. To satisfy that demand, over 50% of the world's seafood is now produced via aquaculture, both in the oceans and on land. In the US, demand for domestically produced seafood is growing rapidly, fostering the development of a vital industry for our long term food security.

The Working WaterfrontAmerican Aquaculture in the 21st Century is a great glimpse into this important and rapidly growing industry.

Our Partners

  • The University Of Maine
  • Maine Technology Institute
  • Coastal Enterprises Inc.
  • National Science Foundation
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